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What Did Parents Say About Us

Parent Testimonials / Comments are from the emails that parents have sent to us or posted on the different social media sites. Bainbridge Academy does not solicit parent comments or testimonials. Please see the following for Parent Testimonials / Comments.

Bainbridge Academy Parent Testimonials & Comments

“This is our first year at Bainbridge Academy. I don’t have a single negative thing to say about this gem of a school. It is a school out of view from the eyes of the special needs community. That is a huge mistake. This is the first time in a long time that I feel truly happy for my kid. My kid has some really challenging behaviors. There is real love / total acceptance for who he is. I have to say that the director, Ms. DENA is a god send for us. She is such a positive influence in this school. Her positive influence truly reflects in all of the teachers and therapists who work in the school. This school is really a second home for my son away from home. I as a parent have chosen to volunteer at the school a number of times. The kind of chemistry the teachers and therapists have with all the kids is amazing. The whole school is one big happy family and they have so much fun together. This is the kind of school I would have liked to attend when I was a kid. The field trips are amazing where they transport all the kiddos in their own school van and go to fun, fun places. The other parents are always so nice and friendly to talk to and everyone seems so happy to be here. Why not? when the kids are happy, the parents are too and share a common piece of mind. And oh, my son absolutely loves the horses that they go to every other week. Overall, the best decision I ever made in my son’s life. THANK YOU, MS. DENA and the whole team, you guys are WONDERFUL 🙂  R. S.”